Visit Sharjah Fort And Experience The History Of The Place

Sharjah Fort
Sharjah Fort | Image Resource :

Sharjah Fort – People who love exploring new destinations all around the world should not miss visiting the world renowned Sharjah fort. This fort is a double story traditional rock, coral and adobe fortification in the centre of the city of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. In 1820, the ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi constructed this fort. So add this wonderful beauty to your travel bucket list and explore this place soon.


A Memorable, Fun And Intuitive Trip To Sharjah Science Museum!

Hello friends, hope you are doing well! I’m really thankful to each one of you out there who has appreciated my posts with positive comments. Today, I will be describing an amazing trip made to yet another interesting place at Sharjah and it is none other than the amazing Sharjah Science Museum.

sharjah science museum exterior
Sharjah Science Museum Exterior | Image Resource :

I’m a huge gadget fanatic and visiting this museum was a like a dream come true experience for me. Because unlike museums, this one makes you realize about the world where you live in, the things that surround you and what goes into the making of those complex & user friendly gadgets, everything explained with the wisdom of science.

I planned my visit to the place with some of my close friends, who are as gadget crazy as I am. When we get together, we never forget to share our gadget mantras, and what those latest technologies are ruling the world.

We had booked a taxi at 9am and by 9:30 we were there at the science museum. Important thing that should be noted here is that the museum opens at 8am and closes at 2pm, whereas on Friday and Saturday it is just open from 4pm to 8pm. We paid the entry fee of 40 AED, which was about 10 AED per person.

With the first look at the museum I knew that it was going to be an interesting place to be. When we walked in we could discover over 50 interactive displays, and the best thing is that there is something for every age group.

workings of a hot air balloon at sharjah science museum
Workings of a hot air balloon at Sharjah Science Museum | Image Resource :

The aim of this museum is to bring the importance of science to your life, and trust me with every step that you make towards it; you will never want to come back again. Here, I along with my friends could discover the best of science by having our hands on illusions and experiments, aerodynamics, physiology and cryogenics too.

homunculus at sharjah science museum
Homunculus at Sharjah Science Museum | Image Resource :
astronomy and space sciences center at sharjah science museum
Astronomy and Space Sciences Center at Sharjah Science Museum | Image Resource :

In addition to that we even took part in an interactive event that inspired the audience with displays about the ubiquity of science and why world could have never been possible without it. And at last, just like every good thing comes to an end, our inspiring trip to the Sharjah Science museum was over. But it had left behind many things, precious pictures, unforgettable memories and a great time with friends.

Fun-Filled Entertainment at Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah

al majaz waterfront sharjah
Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah | Image Resource :

Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah – Al Majaz Waterfront is an idyllic and safe destination for fun, entertainment and relaxation for youngsters and grown-ups alike. The skillfully designed Maraya Art Park, Splash Park, Mini Golf course, and the amazing musical fountain shows have changed the backdrop of Buhaira Corniche. My visit at the waterpark has rendered me speechless!

Experiencing Luxury At its Best Value in Verona Resort, Sharjah

Hello everyone! I really appreciate the feedback that you all had provided for my previous posts, it always keeps me motivated to bring the best of my travelling experiences for you. In this post, I will be focusing on my visit to most prestigious resort of Sharjah, the Verona Resorts and what made me choose this resort over the innumerable ones present in the city.

While travelling with my friends to different parts of Sharjah, we really needed a place to halt, relax and cherish the tranquility of the city. And on our visit to the Sharjah Archeology Museum, we could discover the one of a kind Verona Resort, Sharjah which is not a new name for resort critics and travel enthusiasts like me.

verona resort, sharjah
Verona Resort, Sharjah | Image Resource :

The name of this resort is derived from the Italian city of Verona which depicts a perfect amalgamation of modernity along with contemporary style. And with the first look at this place, I could realize there could not be a better name than this to describe the beauty of this resort.

verona resort sharjah reception
Verona Resort Sharjah Reception | Image Resource :

The resort is quite close to the beach, and thankfully we could grab a sea view deluxe room for us. The room was equipped with the basic amenities, flawless decor and every possible equipment that one would desire of. The view from the balcony of the room was simply astounding.

verona resort sharjah room
Verona Resort Sharjah Room | Image Resource :

This place was truly blessed with the gift of nature, whenever I saw some or the other view forced me to use my camera. After relaxing for a while in the room we made our way to the swimming pool, which again is a USP of the Verona Resort Sharjah.

pool side of verona resort sharjah
Pool Side of Verona Resort Sharjah | Image Resource :

Then it was time to enjoy at the exclusive cafe shop of the resort that offered an amazing collection of items on the menu. The food, ambience, services and of course the price everything was exceptional.

My friends and I can never forget our exquisite stay at this resort, as this place rightfully ensured that we experience the best of luxury but without going beyond our budget.

Tranquilizing Beauty of Sharjah National Park

Sharjah National Park
Sharjah National Park | Image Resource :

Sharjah National Park – The beauty of the humble Sharjah National Park is purely placid & serene. It is the largest park in Sharjah & covers an area of nearly 630 thousand square feet. One can relish at the in-built-barbeque stands, play in the jungle gym, visit the mosque or simply enjoy the plush green nature in the park.

A Day Dedicated to The History of Sharjah At Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization | Image Resource :

A big hello to my readers! And thanks for reading, loving and providing your thoughts on my blogs. I’m back again with yet another exciting post that encapsulates the city of Sharjah.  This post will reflect my trip to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and what makes it a major tourist destination of the city.

Sharjah At Museum of Islamic Civilization Entrance
Sharjah At Museum of Islamic Civilization Entrance | Image Resource :
Main Hall of the Museum
Main Hall of the Museum | Image Resource :

Being from the holiest city of Islam, Jeddah, the history of Islam has always remained fascinating for me. The rich culture, integrity and devotion of Islam are something that words would fail to express, and certainly I’m proud to be a part of it.

This curiosity that I had for Islam brought me to the Museum of Islamic Civilization situated at Sharjah. Now, this is the first ever historic museum of Sharjah that is home to almost five thousand impeccable artifacts, each nurtured from the historic Islamic civilization. This museum was about 5kms away from my hotel, so I booked a cab and made my way to the destination.

This museum is situated at the Al-Majjarh area on the Corniche Street, which is just opposite to the Sharjah Creek. The first glimpse of the museum left me awestruck. That magnificent architecture, beautiful designs, and intricate patterns were truly any photographer’s delight. So, without missing the opportunity I captured some unforgettable pictures of the museum from its interiors.

Architectural models on display at Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
Architectural models on display at Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization | Image Resource :

Legend has it; the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization holds some of the rarest yet important artifacts of Islam.  With this I could truly admire those timeless achievements of the civilization, their universatility and explore the faith, science and belief that are associated with this religion.

There are four beautiful galleries present in the museum which are The Ibn Al-Haytham Gallery of Science and Technology, The Abu Bakr Gallery of Islamic Faith, Islamic Art Gallery 1 and Islamic Art Gallery 2.

The Abu Bakr Gallery of Islamic Faith
The Abu Bakr Gallery of Islamic Faith | Image Resource :

Everything about the museum was simply exquisite from coins, calligraphy, ceramics, metal work to carvings, glass, scientific instruments and manuscripts too, the more you are going to explore this museum the more you will fall in love with Islam.

Don’t Tell Me How Educated You Are, Tell Me How Much You Have Travelled – The Quran

Quran Roundabout Sharjah
Quran Roundabout Sharjah | Image Resource :

Quran Roundabout Sharjah – Designed by a Spanish architect, the Quran roundabout is a symbol of the country’s rich history & heritage. The people of the country have carefully covered the monument with plastic to protect it from the rubble and dust. Getting to see the verse of Quran engraved in gold plated calligraphy was a fantastic opportunity for me.