Abha Lake dam- Abode For Bird Watchers

If you are a visitor, the beauty of Abha will get to you. It is an abode for travellers like us. The instant we entered Abha, we were impressed and delighted by the unique landscape that greeted us. As a traveller, I know that Saudi Arabia is famous for beautiful deserts and scorching climate, but this place is something else. It is a widespread region of magnificent mountain ranges, lush and beautiful greenery, elegant, cool breezes and residents of this place have maintained their traditional lifestyle in today’s era also.

We ventured through many places and discovered so many facts about this place that we were really glad about our journey to Abha. I realized that if someone wants a soothing retreat from the stress of daily life in urban centres, this is the best place that offers something for each and every traveller. I am definitely sure about one fact that Abha is going to remain my favourite holiday destination for years to come.

Abha Lake dam Asir
Abha Lake dam Asir | Image Resource : life-in-saudiarabia.blogspot.com

Our plan was to visit the famous Abha Lake Dam. Very early in the morning we started our journey and reached the Abha dam. It was spectacular and the view was amazing. We spotted many species of birds never before spotted in the city of Jeddah and lost count. We spent a remarkable couple of hours there.

Then we had a quick look at the Abha Lake, which was easily viewable from the point we were standing at. This particular lake had many beautiful birds including the new Saudi Arabian species named Hamerkop. Our list of bird-watching increased when we saw Common Moorhen, Little Grebe, Eurasian Coot, Eurasian Crag Martin, etc. Birds named Pale Crag Martin and Barn Swallows frequently flew over the lake. We also spotted six Black-crowned Night Herons and one Grey Heron. The serenity of that particular lake was so peaceful that I decided to capture the moment by clicking pictures. One part of the lake has been developed into an amusement park but the natural beauty of the flora and fauna remains untouched. Overall this visit gave us some amazing memories that we could carry home.